We are in the business of second hand clothing - Manufacturing of Rags - Textile recycling since 2 decades. The success of our business is the Quality/Service that it provides to Customers with all-time consistency on regular basis. Our main strength remains catering to our customer’s specific needs and understanding of the local markets where we supply. We believe we have created our own niche over the years and this stand is vindicated by our customers who have remained totally loyal to our quality and us for the past 2 decades.

Sustained consistent quality is a result of the vast experience the whole team carries and is backed by the state of the art sorting/grading plant it runs in Kandla Special Economic zone, India. We are established with skilled - efficient workers under 250,000 Sq. Feet Warehouse with all modern facilities. With our efficient network for procurement of the best raw materials from USA & Canada, which after processing is further exported to various countries of East - Central - West African countries, South East Asian and Middle East countries.