Work Process

The complete work process consists of sorting, grading, rechecking & packing and dispatch. These processes are explained briefly below:


Raw material in form of jumbo bales are offloaded / stored for processing in the warehouse.


We Import Institutional - Credential Mixed rags from Canada. These clothing's are then put on the conveyor belts with sorters on both sides who have been issued instructions to pick up pre assigned piece of clothing.


The Grading section of the warehouse is divided into as many sections as the items sorted in the first stage of the process. Clothes are further elaborated in different categories as per fashion, Genders, weather, categories, quality etc. for all Ladies, Mens, Childrens, and Household etc.

Final Checking

There is a final double check at this section with super trained skilled personnel to minimize the human error to make the product fine and more better.

Scaling & Packaging:

After weighing exactly in 45kg or 55kg, Goods are finally packed with tight compressed square bales with pet / steel straps.


The packed bales are dispatched to their respective destinations in high cube containers of 40 or 20 feet with proper care.